Not all those who wander are lost” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien wrote it right! And this is a quote you might have seen on many Instagram captions and Tinder bios. With Ikigai, this quote is the way of life.

Ikigai – Your Travel Genie, is the work of Rohit Khattar, a person who embodies a passion for travel unlike any other. An avid trekker, this mountain guy has made travel his life. From exploring unknown passes in Spiti to being awed by the life underwater in the Maldives, Rohit has dedicated his life to roaming the world.

Why does that matter to you? Well, because Genie believes in sharing that joy of traveling with everyone! Founder of Himalayan Explorers Club, and Jugni (Co – Founder of Women Group Travel), Rohit has always shared his travel experiences with people. He has strived to create travel as an interesting and exciting experience for everyone.

With Ikigai, he has taken it one step ahead. Ikigai – Your Travel Genie is not just another travel agency, it’s our way of life. At Ikigai, we believe in curating experiences and not just a vacation. Whether we take you to explore the unknown terrains of Siberia or the forgotten cities of Morocco or chilling with a few margaritas at the beach, every trip is designed to enhance your vacation. We weave the magic that turns strangers into families and a regular holiday into an experience of a lifetime. A holiday with us is not just about seeing the famous sights, it’s also about creating memories that will last a lifetime. We can guarantee you that every vacation you take with us will make you come back for more!

With tours to destinations like Morocco, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Siberia, Ethiopia, Dagestan, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Turkey, Murmansk, etc, Your Travel Genie is already an expert in creating exciting travel stories and helping you make lifelong friendships with other fun travel junkies like yourself!